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Irish Crochet

These pdf files are scans of antique books from the collection of Judith Combs, which are now in the public domain.

 DMC Library Irish Crochet Lace, de Dillmont, Therese, ed., Mulhouse, France nd, ca 1905
This book was reprinted by Dover as "Masterpieces of IC", but the Dover publication doesn't have the whole book. These pdf scans are from the original, with all the chapters, plates and patterns.

1905ca_DMC_IC1_p1-25.pdf (3467 kb)

1905ca_DMC_IC2_p26-43.pdf (2454 kb)

1905ca_DMC_IC3_plates,ads.pdf (4487 kb)

1905ca_DMC_IC4_patterns.pdf (2054 kb)

The Lace Maker, Vol. 4 No. 3. Irish Crochet Lace, Hadley, Sara, New York 1911

1911_Lace_Maker_IC_Hadley.pdf (2821 kb)

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